Transforming the world by uplifting women.


At the She Center, we believe in the profound power of women to reshape our world. Our mission is rooted in a simple yet transformative truth: the answer to the world’s challenges lies in the minds and hearts of authentic women.

While we open our doors to everyone, we emphasize the unique values and strengths of women, because doing what works is at our core.

Extensive data supports our conviction. Nations thrive and communities prosper when women are uplifted and empowered. Organizations soar in profitability, innovation, and retention when female voices lead the way.

Join us at The She Center, where we’re dedicated to making this world incredible and equitable for women<code>&#8212;</code>the key to unlocking a brighter future for everyone.



  • We are rooted in purpose. We elevate the lives of our clients so we can all make a better world together.
  • Financial success is a vehicle for positive change. Guided by the philosophy that earning is an opportunity to give, our journey is deeply intertwined with making a real difference in the world.
  • The solutions that we provide, and that you provide, are valid. But we acknowledge that they can often uplift those in privilege. So we choose to focus our giving to those in some of the least privileged groups around the world.
  • To date, we celebrate over a quarter of a million dollars contributed.


Gates Philanthrophy Partners: Empowerment and Opportunity Fund.

Empowered women and girls change their worlds and ours. Investing in women and girls has been proven to tackle poverty. This fund focuses on providing women an equal chance to learn, lead, earn, and thrive.

Givewell Top Charities: Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) and others.

We have no opportunities if we lose our lives. This organization focuses on research-backed giving, to ensure contributions are the most effective to save the lives of those most vulnerable.


Replacing the refrigerator of a single mother, supporting families impacted by job loss during the Covid pandemic, and empowering women with rent money in their courageous steps away from abusive relationships are a few examples of how we participate in mutual aid and support local needs as they arise.



Lydia Knight

Lydia Knight, the visionary founder of The She Center, is revolutionizing our culture through empowering individuals to move from self-sabotage to self-fulfillment and contribute their highest gifts to humanity. Creator of the Empower, Prosper, and Rise programs, Lydia embodies effective altruism with initiatives that uplift women and children globally. A certified health coach, eating disorder expert and recipient of the “Sacred Service Award”, Lydia’s ground-breaking approach has earned recognition from major outlets like CBS, NBC, Fox News, Yahoo!, and beyond.

Director of Strategy, Advisory Board

Kels Quinn

Kels Quinn (B.F.A., M.F.A.) joined The She Center as a Freedom Coach and now contributes to our mission as Director of Strategy and a member of the Advisory Board. She brings a wide diversity of skills and industry experience, including coaching and instructional design, marketing and branding, presentation and public speaking, graphic and publication design, web development, etc. Her clients have ended lifelong eating disorders, won international awards in the highly competitive fields of fashion and design, and booked roles on major television networks and A-list movies.

Performance Coach, Advisory Board

Jenni Campbell

Operational bottlenecks dissolve before Jenni’s innovative spirit. She leverages creativity, cutting-edge tech, bespoke systems, and deep experience to unlock efficiency and propel businesses toward success. She has empowered dozens of growing companies to shed inefficiencies, unlock their potential, and achieve sustainable success by infusing purpose into every decision and inspiring teams with her infectious enthusiasm. Jenni is a proven catalyst for growth, transforming possibilities into thriving realities.

Advisory Board

Steele Campbell

Steele Campbell comes to The She Center with years of varied expertise from rhetorical scholarship and feminist theory to product development, manufacturing, and business consulting. He has traveled far and wide as the personal assistant to bell hooks and delved deep into community and tradition as Executive Assistant at the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts. He lives in Santa Fe, NM with his family and pets and is honored to serve on The She Center Advisory Board.


Jillian Weis

Jillian Weis has been on the Freedom Coach team since 2020. She is an expert in the principles unique to The She Center and helps clients to break out of patterns of disordered eating and create permanent changes in their brains and freedom with food. Jillian received her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Smith College, and completed a Post-Masters Fellowship in trauma, attachment and neurobiology from the Boulder Institute of Psychotherapy and Research in Boulder, CO. Jillian has worked with thousands of clients over the years to identify patterns and habits that weren’t serving them and create changes that support them in living their best life!

Administrative Assistant, Operations

Sabrina Li

Sabrina is a dedicated team member at The She Center, serving as both an efficient administrator and as a key contributor in creating the new She Center portal. With her expertise in project management and admin operations assistance, Sabrina plays a vital role in ensuring internal organization and smooth functioning. Her passion for excellence and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to our team.


Christine Davis

Christine serves as a Resource Coordinator at The She Center: doing what she loves and loving what she does! Christine is also a graduate of TSC, where she became free of eating disorders and so much more. “As a grad, I am dedicated to sharing what has proven to work for me and thousands more!” Christine has taught stress management, yoga meditation, and yoga in her local community for 31 years. She received Employee of the Month awards numerous times, as well as UTMB Hospital’s Women in Administration Award in Galveston, Texas.